How can you lose weight with a gymnastic mini trampoline?


How can you lose weight with a mini trampoline © Michael Schindler

If you want to lose fat on every part of your body, even on your belly, you have to do exercises that train the whole body instead of exercises, Situps that train only specific muscle groups. If you have a trampoline or a mini trampoline, this is a very good way to complete this kind of workout.

You can lose with a minitrampoline, which is even very good. There is no real secret here: Just go on the trampoline and start. However, if you have problems with the joints, a medical trampoline is an advantage for you.

Step 1:

Turn on cheerful music that helps you keep your pace while exercising. If you have a gymnastic mini trampoline, you can also train while your favorite TV show is running.

Step 2:

Warm-up your body by bouncing lightly on the trampoline. Jump with both feet at the same time, for about five minutes. Keep the feet close to the surface of the trampoline for the time being; It is about warming up, there is no need for high jumps. Push the heels into the trampoline surface, hold the belly muscles tense and the shoulders back. Stay seized and relaxed during training, not cramped!

Step 3:

Lift one knee over waist height, then the other, do this for about three to four minutes at a light to moderate tempo. This is like jogging on the trampoline and increases the heart rate. Swing your arms into it, this will bring you an even more intense workout.

Step 4:

Continue jogging at a moderate pace, but now make more complex arm movements for about three to four minutes. Raise your arms over your head during a step, and then slowly guide you down. At the next step, raise your arms at the sides with your arms fully extended, and then bring your hands back to the next step of your face. Continue this pattern with each step.

Step 5:

Advance jumping with both feet and pull the knees upwards in a jerk, where the thighs are parallel to the ground. Press the heels into the mat when you land, then only exercise with the legs for a minute. Stretch the belly muscles when you put on the legs, that works well your torso muscles and your belly. After a minute, your arms begin to lift like a “V” over your head as you jump up. Repeat for two minutes.

Step 6:

Continue with both feet, but this time, turn the body when you bouncing. Keep your feet together and turn right at one jump, then left to the next jump. Hold the arms on the sides, this will allow you to swing in the direction of rotation. Continue this pattern for four to five minutes. The twisting movement is particularly good for the training of the oblique belly muscles on the sides of the abdomen.

Step 7:

Try to make jumps for a minute while you raise your arms to a high V, and the legs spread at every jump. Land with closed legs and lowered arms on the side. If you train on a large trampoline, this is less difficult; For those who practice on a mini trampoline, it is important to make sure that the feet are back on the middle of the trampoline. If you are unsure about this exercise, be careful.

Step 8:

Change to a simple two-leg jump or light jogging for five minutes, this is meant for the end of the training.


Some tips on how to better use a gymnastic Minitrampolin to lose weight!

  • According to the bellicon website, a 150-pound person can lose about 6 calories per minute on a minitrampoline. In my opinion, the workout here will burn in about 102 calories for a 150-pound person. To lose 1 kilo of fat, you have to lose about 4,000 calories by either training or eating less.
  • If you become stronger and able to do more, add more time, into each section, or do the entire cycle a second or third time.
  • The most important, however, is the regularity, do not settle for 3 weeks of training, always set new goals for yourself. This will help you stay on the ball (minitrampoline).

!! Warning!!

Wear sports shoes while jumping around the feet and ankle support.



gymnastic Minitrampoline test

If you are interested in buying a mini-trampoline, just do a test and try a mini-trampoline yourself. On I also have a small comparison of different minitrampolines on my side. There I explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of the best Minitrampoline.


Also pay attention to your diet!

At this point, I would like to point out the diet again, because without a dietary change, or “more conscious” diet, one will not achieve any good results.

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